Visual Developer - What's New

Usability Improvement

Functionality Improvement

Code Improvement

Bug Fixing

Since the plugin has been moved to, the changelog will be maintained there


  • Tested up to Wordpress 4.4, update not required.

Version 2.2.0

  • Don't reflect CSS Changes Preview on the Visual Developer Panel

  • Don't highlight the Visual Developer Panel for Quick Access

  • Making Pseudo Selectors Optional In the Interface

  • Easy Process to get started

Version 2.1.5

  • Faster Initialization

  • Better Performance on Chrome

  • Widget Support For Quick Access

  • Improvements on the highlight of elements

  • Quick Access will display elements present on the page only

  • Quick Access - Easy interface for tons of present elements

  • Quick Access - Post Containers.

  • Quick Access Extensions API

Version 2.1.4

  • JSON Import will now work properly under different circumstances

  • Group Based Integration access for Quick Access

  • Quick Access General Section

  • Quick Access General Section - Body

  • Quick Access General Section - Paragraphs

  • Quick Access General Section - Links

  • Quick Access General Section - H1 Tags

  • Quick Access General Section - H2 Tags

  • Quick Access General Section - H3 Tags

  • Quick Access General Section - H4 Tags

Version 2.1.3

  • Bug Fixing on the Panel

Version 2.1.2

  • Page Versions

  • Quicky - Text Transform

  • Quicky - Font Weight

  • Quicky - 20 Text Colors

  • Quicky - 20 Background Colors

  • Quicky Inline Option List

  • Quicky Color Option List

Version 2.1.1

  • Advanced Rule Moderation

Version 2.1.0

  • Visual Improvements

  • Advanced Features can now be hidden from the settings panel

  • Event Based Actions Introduced, Visual Developer can now be extended if this is wanted

  • Structural Review on Visual Developer, better performance and less resource consuming while using the admin interface

  • ApplicationSynchronize has been re-worked to allow future extending & a more clear overview & management

  • ApplicationSyncronize will now base itself on filters and events to handle everything, making the integration better for a long term commitment

  • Automatic Database Update / Version Control . Visual Developer can update itself without ever causing issues.

  • Better Settings & Selection Interface while being active on certain themes

  • Option to completely enforce a CSS Change ( !important )

  • New Rule Option : Text Transform

Version 2.0.0

  • Better 4 Input Selection

  • Allow UnToggle of the 4 Input Option

  • Better Estethics

  • Optional Setting to populate with default values of elements.

  • PHP Code Refactoring, preparing for addons.

  • Improvements on the element Panel to make it easier to customize

Version 1.8.1

  • Page Specific CSS - Create Custom CSS only for specific pages

  • Smoother Scrollbar For the Element Panel

Version 1.8

  • Improve Quicky to not override Element Panel CSS when it shouldn't

  • Allow Export from Visual Developer to a CSS File, and also includes textures & future things that will be added.

  • Fixed a bug with the CSS Generated by the Border Rule

  • Improved Generated CSS To be Cleaner

  • CSS Changes Progress Panel - See what you've customized so far

  • Make the Element Panel more stable, and allow third party scripts to work better with Visual Developer

Version 1.7

  • Improve the Pseudo Class Selector Panel

  • Auto Updater For the Plugin

  • License Management Within Wordpress Settings Panel

  • Fixed Quicky To always Display correctly

  • Added :link pseudo selector support

  • Added :disabled pseudo selector support

Version 1.6

  • Improved Modal For Mobile Devices

  • Improved the Element Panel Spectral Mode On / Off Experience

  • Improved Modal Transition to be cleaner

  • Renamed Settings To Preferences

  • Macros / Quicky - The Click Based Interface

  • Improved Spectral Mode Triggers

  • Quicky Improved Display Panel For All Screen Sizes

  • Added Opacity CSS Rule

  • Create 5-10 preset macros

  • Macro / Quicky 8 High Quality Backgrounds

Version 1.5

  • Clean up the settings panel

  • Modal Library

  • Modal Confirmation Library Module

  • Modals should be displayed closely to the elementPanel if possible, elsewise in the center of the content

  • Reset Element Modal Confirmation

  • Pseudo Classes Support

  • Pseudo Classes Settings Panel

  • Pseudo Options should have a highlight for active

  • Improvements in the Spectral Mode Experience

  • Pseudo options should have an option for existing highlight

Version 1.4

  • Fix Nice Select to properly work

  • Better Import / Export / Application Sync, allow Application work with Older & Never import files easily. Look at this feature as a long term commitment

  • Re-Architect the Plugin when it comes to the Element Panel

  • Filter Box, easily find a CSS Change when you need it

  • Easy way to select on option during navigation that already has CSS changes

  • Better colorpicker background color

  • Option to enable spectral mode by default

  • Option to select "EM" by default instead of "PX"

  • Option to disable colorpicker

  • Option to disable arrow increment & decrement

Version 1.3

  • Full Rework on the estethics

  • Color Inputs will now reflect the chosen color as the background

  • Allow Themes to easily customize Visual Developer if they chose to integrate.

  • Cleaner CSS for better integration with themes that don't namespace CSS

  • Prevent Clicking Links While Element Panel is Open

Version 1.2.1

  • Optimized Google Font Support, will include only used libraries

Version 1.2

  • Add new values for the to Display Option : "none", "run-in"

  • Better Attribute Namespacing

  • Fixed a minor PHP Warning for syncing the App With no changes

  • Panel to "chose" which CSS Options you want displayed in the panel, and which you don't want

  • Fix Windows 8 minor visual bug on panel "select" type inputs

  • Import & Export

  • Full Mobile Support. Confirmed for iPhone IOS 6,7,8

Version 1.1

  • Take in consideration the case when the get_option returns "NULL" as string and mark it as an " error" and restart the style

  • ColorPicker

  • Fix Design Squish on certain CSS rules, preferably enforce it totally

  • Numeric input values, should be incremented when using up & down keys

  • Line Height Rule

  • Element Selection On Left, Move Content

  • "4 Input Map" Padding, Margin, Border Radius to be "4" input instead of just one

  • "4 Input Map" Should be enabled only if the user wants to

  • Add Top, Right, Left, Bottom CSS Rules