Nomtek is an app design and development agency founded in 2009 with offices in US, UK, Germany, Poland. As enthusiasts of the ‘Lean Startup Methodology’, we have been creating apps since the second iPhone with a track record of numerous applications, topping the store listings.

“The key is not just to create software, but rather to solve a problem. This is what most of our clients are facing and it often requires going a couple of steps further than just mobile development. We help them achieve goals – this is what we really do”

  • Top UK mobile app developer
  • Top Poland mobile app developer
  • Top San Francisco mobile app developer

Agile Development

We use Agile to deliver products in high-tempo, top quality release cycles. We work with all modern platforms and reliable tech stacks to be always there with the right tool for the job.

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • React Native development
  • Flutter development
  • Web Applications
  • Backend Systems
  • Database Design
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Deployment Automation


  • Those benefits, however, came at a great cost for developers.;
  • Deploying a mobile app that works across all devices is a much more complex initiative than building a standard website because the tech stack (all the technologies used in the project) is much more fragmented.
  • This challenge makes building great mobile apps difficult for developers.


  • Expensive and complicated development
  • Difficult communication
  • Problems with large teams

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